Natural Remineralising Clay Toothpowder 60ml


Clay based toothpaste that cleanses and remineralises teeth, leaving your mouth feeling fresh and you teeth smooth, with antibacterial neem leaf powder and activated hemp charcoal.

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Natural Remineralising Clay Toothpowder

Clay based toothpaste that cleanses and remineralises teeth, leaving your mouth feeling fresh and you teeth smooth.
Made with bentonite clay from France and activated hemp charcoal from Japan which are renowned absorbents, as well as organic neem powder and turmeric.

Research has shown that activated charcoal has absorbing abilities, as it is negatively charged, which means that it can attract positively charged molecules such as tooth stains and plaque, so it can help teeth to look cleaner, however it is not a whitener (ie cannot remove internal stains)  Due to its ability to bind acidic components, activated charcoal helps to make the pH of the oral cavity more alcaline, and thus, removes plaque which results in relieving bad mouth odor.

Neem and turmeric are both used in Ayurvedic medicine for oral hygiene, as they are excellent antibacterial and antinlfammatory herbs, which help to keep mouth, gums and teeth clean and healthy by eliminating bacteria that cause bad breath and gum disease.

Each jar is for personal use- do not share with others.

Use by dipping toothbrush in the jar to scoop a little bit of the toothpowder mix and brush teeth for 1 minute minimum.

It comes in a fully recyclable and reusable 60ml amber glass jar with an aluminum closure.

Handmade in Cyprus in small batches to ensure freshness in a registered and certified by the Ministry of Health cosmetic production lab, according to GMP standards. Most of the packaging used to send your orders is recyclable and/or reusable and none of our products has been tested on animals, but only on our helpful friends and customers who are willing to test out any new product. We are only using natural, minimally processed ingredients that are safe for us and the ecosystem and do not contain any synthetic substances or fragrances.

bentonite clay, neem leaf powder, activated hemp charcoal, bicarbonate of soda, turmeric, mastic, fennel essential oil, peppermint essential oil

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